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Grief Recovery Method

It’s hard for us to understand or respond to the emotions that come from death, divorce, or other severe losses, and using the grief recovery method is an outstanding way to process get through it. It’s filled with and techniques and tips on the experience of grief and how to help you get through it.

What is grief?

There’s many ways to describe grief, but if you take it down to its essence it’s the normal and natural emotional reaction to loss of any kind. It’s the clashes of your emotions when something ends or changes in your life. It’s the feeling when you reach out to someone or something that’s always been there for you, and when you realize you need them again they’re no longer there.

The pain that comes from grief can be overwhelming and can even the slightest of losses can trigger it. Many other kinds of losses can be considered grief, such as:

· Retirement

· Moving

· Pet loss

· Financial change (increase or decrease in wealth)

· Loss of health

· Legal Problems

· Empty Nest

· End of Addiction

It’s important to know that the grief you feel is different than someone else’s, so you must deal it in your own personal way.

Responses to Grief

No one wants to be in pain, and that includes the grieving. It is normal for you to fight your emotions from coming out, because they can be hard to focus on. Grief recovery specialists have pointed out these common responses to deep loss:

· Reduced concentration

· A sense of numbness

· Disrupted sleeping patterns

· Changed eating habits

· Roller coaster of emotional energy

The issue has always been between the natural responses versus the way we’ve been taught to deal with loss. Grief can’t be responded in a neat way like you’ve been taught in movies or books. Many of us have been taught about the stages of grief, but the grief recovery method with deep knowledge on loss knows those stages narrowly apply to death and dying.

The sad part is we can condition our brain to believe in a lot of things to justify the disappointment and anxiety. This can be misdiagnosed to something else that can hurt, not heal you on your path towards recovery.

Impacts of Grief that block recovery

If grief is left unchecked, there are uncertain, or downright negative effects to your life.

· Loss of concentration

· Opposing emotions

· Feeling numb

· Having trouble sleeping

· Altered eating habits

· Massive loss of energy.

It changes your life choices as a way to protect from more heartbreak, but really just closes you off from new relationships, efforts, and life as a whole. You may response with short-term comforts that won’t pay off in the long run (like consuming food and alcohol or excessive shopping and exercise).

The methods of grief that don’t bring recovery

A huge problem with moving past grief is that you start the journey with bad information, and end up going in the wrong direction. You’re told to be strong, to not feel bad, to keep busy, and that it takes time for grief to heal. But it shouldn’t surprise you that those approaches don’t’ work, even when you try them again and again. They’re rooted in the way we’ve been taught, and then in how we think, and then our plan to continue.

The grief recovery method with the best message say to that you don’t have to hide your emotions in replacing it with something new, or activities for distraction. If you don’t give yourself a chance to grieve, then there is serious unfinished business.

What not to say in the grief recovery method

If you are on the other side of grief recovery and want to support someone, you should keep in mind the words you say to a person in pain. Not all comments are helpful, but the right ones can lift their spirits up.

· You’ll be fine in time – moving past grief goes in different pace, gently.

· I know how you feel – again, grief comes in different ways, so you can’t possibly know how they feel.

· You shouldn’t be feeling that way still – This shows a huge lack of empathy, which should be the exact thing you should be doing.

· At least they’re in a better place – it’s an empty phrase that has negative validation.

· Don’t be angry – a person in grief is allowed to express their emotions, so let them with no judgment.

· You’re young – Age, young or old, doesn’t change the way you should experience grief.

· It was just a… - it’s painful to consider something lost as something so trivial.

The Method Toward Grief Recovery

The way you can recover from loss starts small, with the right choices, until the griever achieves goals that lessens the pain. First you need the right information so that you begin on the right path. Then, you have to understand what grief recovery means in response to loss.

What this means is that you do feel better eventually, and find a meaning for living. You get to enjoy the memories without the pain, and that it’s ok to be sad from time to time. You can find new skills, some that have always been within you, to deal with the loss if it seems like too much.

It’s ok to feel the loss and find the grief recovery method that works for you. It doesn’t make you weak – in fact being willing to deal with it head-on shows courage. As long as you are willing and have an open mind, you can rise from emotional loss and lead positively toward recovery.

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I know how life-altering it is to lose a part of your heart, a part of who you are. Losing my husband and the father of our three children to cancer was terrible and overwhelming. What happened to me I couldn’t control. I learned the only thing I can control was my attitude. With that knowledge I have learned to successfully juggle grief, motherhood, widowhood, and entrepreneurship.

I had previously only ran if I was being chased but I laced up my sneakers and soon found myself crossing the finish line of over a dozen half marathons and two full marathons. Thirty pounds lighter and full of determination I learned that life is what you make it. There were too many years that I wasted waiting for the perfect life. I kept waiting for the cancer to be gone. But if you wait to be happy until your circumstances in life allow it, you will NEVER be happy.

Happiness comes from within, and it’s available to everyone at any time, even on the worst of days. I struggled for years to find my happiness again, but it doesn't need to take you years.

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Kamille Lynn Bauer is a vibrant Happiness Advocate, Motivational Speaker, Vlogger and Influencer. Despite seemingly impossible trials of life, she fought and found joy alongside her husband, Clint “The Cancer Warrior” and their three children. Clint’s final days were filled with sacred laughter mixed with exquisite heartache that inspired tens of thousands with their love story.

Since that time, Kamille has continued to attract a significant and rapidly growing global following due to her positive perspective on life through adversity—a very relevant message for today’s times. Kamille’s YouTube channel, motivational keynotes and workshops, and her realistic and humorous perspective to life and its challenges help people and also businesses realize their own thriving possibilities amidst and after great transitions and change.

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